Available doses and locations where eligible individuals can get COVID-19 vaccines both continue to grow across the state

Casper, wY – According to the report provided by the Wyoming Department of Health, the number of vaccinated Wyoming residents has significantly increased.

More than 75,000 Wyoming residents have received their first doses to date when state and special federal counts are combined.

Roughly 100 providers across the state are administering COVID-19 shots so far with more than 75 additional providers approved to participate as vaccine supplies grow. Most are working closely with county public health offices to support local efforts.

From the start, the federal government has been providing separate supplies for Veterans Affairs facilities, tribal populations and for Department of Defense personnel.

Now the federal government is adding a program that will include providing more doses for the public through pharmacies in several Wyoming communities.

This program is a separate federal pharmacy effort than the Walgreens/CVS program that has targeted long-term care facilities.

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