Casper Fire-EMS crews responded to a structure fire in North Casper

Casper, WY – According to the officials, this unfortunate incident happened around 9:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Firefighters arrived at the scene to find an unoccupied structure with smoke coming from the crawlspace, walls, and attic area. Five units responded to the incident. Technicians from Rocky Mountain Power and Black Hills Energy also assisted at the scene.

When firefighters arrived, they determined the structure was vacant. Individuals who were working in the building reported that they attempted to use space heaters to thaw water pipes.

Casper Fire-EMS encourages residents and property owners to keep water moving through their pipes by turning on faucets or spigots slightly. And you should never use a space heater, fuel oil heater, or other open flame to thaw pipes.

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