Gov. Gordon has expressed his support for an updated and improved School Facility Condition Assessment process

Casper, WY – According to the state officials, this process is used to help the School Facilities Division develop funding recommendations for various school facility projects across the state.

The Governor noted that the new assessment creates an independent process that will allow school districts, the School Facilities Commission and the Legislature’s Select Committee on School Facilities to equitably assess that school facilities are creating good learning environments for students.

The Governor said that the new FCA process will allow school districts to proactively plan for repair, renovation, or replacement of buildings.

It also projects and forecasts the cost of future repairs and provides individualized reports for every district building that is assessed.

This assessment improves on earlier efforts and provides more detailed and accurate information to guide the allocation of resources. 

The new assessment, combined with proposed rule changes, allows for a more proactive approach to identify condition and capacity needs.

The proposed rule changes also provide greater opportunities for districts to present concerns to the SFC and participate in the processes that inform decision-making.  

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