Pillow Face-Off: Beckham Luxury Linens vs. Casper

In your pillow search, two popular brands may pop up: Beckham Luxury Linens and Casper.

The former is an Amazon favorite, with 13,000-plus reviews and an average of 4.5 stars. The latter is a leading mattress-in-a-box company. One difference you might notice right away when comparing the Beckham Luxury Linens Hotel Collection pillow and Casper Original Pillow is price.

The Beckham price is $40 for two standard-size pillows, and the Casper costs $60 for one standard-size pillow, or three times as much as the Beckham if you buy two. (CR tests standard-size pillows because they’re the most commonly purchased size.

But don’t let the prices influence your choice: “You can’t judge a pillow by materials or price tag,” says Chris Regan, CR’s project leader who oversees our pillow testing. “Though pillows might have the same materials, some flatten out a lot faster and aren’t as supportive over time.”

Both pillow manufacturers offer a full refund within a trial period—with Casper, you have 100 days to try out the pillow; with the Beckham, you have 30 days. And both pillows can be washed and dried, according to their labels.

Read on to find out which pillow wins in this matchup. For more on pillows, see our pillow buying guide. To see all the pillows we test, check out our full pillow ratings.

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