Serious injuries in senior living center were not criminal

The serious injuries incurred earlier this month by a local man in a Casper senior living home were not the result of a crime, a Casper police spokesman said Friday.

Sgt. Joey Wilhelm told the Star-Tribune by email the agency had determined the case didn’t indicate criminal activity and closed the investigation, which at one point included assistance from FBI evidence specialists and led to a detective’s sworn statement that the man’s injuries were consistent with a physical altercation.

The case dates to March 2, when police were called to Legacy Senior Residences on North Elma Street to check on the welfare of one of the building’s residents. That person — according to court documents filed by a police detective while seeking a search warrant — bled extensively in a hallway, bedroom and bed.

The federal agency appeared at the scene that week to gather evidence, the nature of which police did not describe at the time. According to the search warrant request, filed within a day of the police’s arrival, police planned to examine a laptop computer found in the room, as well as biological evidence including the blood that had pooled in a bed.

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