The Casper City Council elected Ray Pacheco as the new vice mayor of Casper

Casper, WY – Ray Pacheco has served on the council for about eight years and is looking forward to working with a diverse group of people. As he said, this year he is hoping to work on handling the pandemic, the community’s safety and more.

Ray Pacheco said:

“It feels good and I’m ready to help the mayor and help with leading the city council. Every council is diverse in political beliefs, but the understanding on how we do government and how we see it and how it works. Looking at the budget obviously and doing what we need to do within the council and looking at maintaining streets, fire, and police.”

Assisting Mayor Steve Freel is one of his duties as well as creating meeting agendas and leading them. He wants to bring all of that into the community.

Ray Pacheco also mentioned that he anticipated disagreements but is looking forward to working through them to bring the best for the city.

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