The City of Casper Solid Waste Division announced that there will be no residential trash pickup until Monday, April 10, 2023

Casper, WY – According to the city officials, this is because street conditions and snow pileup have caused damage to garbage trucks.

City officials also said that trucks attempted to continue pickup Tuesday and Wednesday but many trucks got stuck in snow and some were even damaged as they attempted to follow collection routes.

Residential routes are significantly more difficult to access since they are in neighborhoods that have not been plowed, while commercial routes are along the busiest primary streets that have been cleared.

As a result, most commercial trash collection will continue throughout the week, while residential services have been suspended until Monday.

Trucks that attempted to collect garbage broke chains and wheel wells and suffered other damage, so there is no possibility of any residential trash collection at this time.

Beginning next week, residential garbage will be picked up on your regularly scheduled trash day. There will be no delayed routing schedules.

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