Though not the numbers from past years, Fort Caspar still seeing many visitors

Fort Caspar has been open since the beginning of June, but not on its traditional summer schedule due to the pandemic. After being able to successfully operate five days a week, in early July, Fort Caspar went back to its traditional seven day schedule for the summer.

“We set up a cleaning regiment that we were gonna take care of, we set aside a time in the morning for people that are high risk, tried it out and made sure that everything worked, and everything was going as we planned, and after a month we were able to move into a seven day schedule which we’re doing now,” said Fort Caspar Museum Director, Rick Young.

Young said they aren’t seeing as many people as they would in a normal year, but the turnout has still been positive.

“We’re clearly not seeing as many people as you would on a regular year, but we’re seeing a lot of people coming in and it’s people coming in from all over the country, as well as locals from here in town, and then around Wyoming. It’s exciting for us I mean, we like to share the history of this area and it’s fun to come and see people experience that,” said Young.

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