9 Pictures Showing That Fall Has Arrived On Casper Mountain

What started as a bit of a chill in the air early in the mornings, has changed to a definite bite of damp cold in the breeze.

The wind is back, and it has already brought a few days of snow.

It’s Fall in Wyoming, and its presence can clearly be seen on our beautiful Casper Mountain.

Fall On Casper Mountain 2020

HInts of Yellow In The Pine Trees

While most of Casper Mountain is covered in Pine Tree, this time of year the patches of Aspen grove are easy to spot. The bright yellow groupings can even be spotted from.
Looking Down
Looking down towards the waterfall, you can see small hints of golden color.

Golden Ground Covering

Even the ground covering gets in on the act in the Fall. Turning deep gold, and adding hints of orange to the trail.

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