As summer approaches, council to continue with relaxed Casper open container rules

The Casper City Council resumed discussion of a proposed new liquor ordinance during their Tuesday, April 28 work session that would allow open alcohol restrictions to be relaxed during the summer.

That, however, is not the only new provision considered under the proposed ordinance and the council decided to table their first reading consideration during the April 21 council meeting to seek further input.

In addition to relaxing open container laws in an area downtown during the summer and allowing places like David Street Station to obtain special malt beverage permits, the proposed ordinance would create more strict rules for liquor license holders to meet license renewal deadlines among other provisions.

Vice Mayor Khrystyn Lutz noted that council members and city staff have already held one meeting with some liquor dealers in the area to discuss the provisions. Mayor Steve Freel said that a second meeting is planned for Thursday to give more people a chance to weigh in.

Councilman Bob Hopkins added: “I think our first meeting went pretty well. The idea along our original track is probably going to work out okay.”

Freel asked if moving forward with first reading of the ordinance was feasible at next week’s council meeting, particularly the aspect of the ordinance dealing with open containers since summer is approaching.

City Attorney John Henley said that he thinks he’ll have some proposed modifications drafted and included in the council’s meeting packet in time for consideration on Tuesday.

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