Casper College logo appears on Gutter Bin

 Frog Creek Partners is a startup based in Casper, and they make the Gutter Bin. The Gutter Bin prevents trash and other harmful objects from making its way through storm drains and into rivers and lakes.

Brian Deurloo, inventor of the Gutter Bin, describes it as a coffee filter for storm drains. He envisions storm drains with college logos being installed across the country, and he took the first step by installing one with the Casper College logo across from David Street Station in downtown Casper.

“Through the use of branding and logos on the storm drain, it gets people’s mind into the gutter,” said Deurloo. “Literally, I say that all the time, ‘Let’s get your mind into the gutter.’ So people look at this and say, ‘What is that?’”

At the unveiling of the Casper College branded Gutter Bin, Deurloo mentioned that he hopes colleges all over the country embraces his product and protect their local rivers and lakes.

The idea to make Casper College the first collegiate logo on a Gutter Bin came from Peter Wold, president of Wold Oil Properties and a Frog Creek Partners investor. He also donated the money to install the Casper College branded Gutter Bin.

“It benefits not only the cleanness if the river and the environment, but it helps an upstart company, and it helps Casper College, and it helps the city,” said Wold.

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