City of Casper officials issued an advisory to property owners today

Casper, WY – Water Distribution Manager, Clint Conner, said:

“With below zero temperatures forecasted through the weekend, we want to remind property owners of the potential for frozen water pipes and plumbing in their residence or business.”

He also gave a list of measures property owner can use to prevent frozen plumbing:

  • Leave a trickle of water running from faucets
  • Open cabinet doors
  • Turn up the heat

Note that the city crews are available to turn off water if a break with spraying water occurs.  City water crews can be contacted at 235-8360 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and can be dispatched through non-emergency dispatch after hours at 235-8278.

Water Distribution Manager, Clint Conner, also added:

“Property owners are responsible for their water service from the curb stop near the street into their homes, and often plumbers are needed to assist in restoring water service.”

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