Enzi: federal judge wrong to strike down BLM oil and gas leases in Wyoming and Montana

Wyoming’s United States Senator Mike Enzi said on Thursday, May 28 that he is disappointed in a federal judge’s decision to strike down some Bureau of Land Management oil and gas leases sales in Wyoming and Montana.

Enzi’s office says that a federal judge in Montana ruled against a BLM directive, invalidating some oil and gas lease sales.

“I am disappointed in the federal judge’s decision to side with environmental activists on this issue,” Enzi said. “I’ve long been a proponent of allowing the Wyoming governor’s office to work with the BLM and our stakeholders to implement management plans that work for all.”

“This decision fails to properly acknowledge all the hard work that has been done to protect the species by those on the ground who know what works best.”

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon likewise expressed disappointment in the decision on Thursday. His office said the decision could cost Wyoming “tens of millions of dollars of revenue from lease sales conducted in 2018.”

Gordon’s office added that the judge’s decision to toss out the sales was due to concerns over sage grouse habitat conservation. The governor pushed back against the idea that the oil and gas lease sales would threaten sage grouse.

“The decision to simply toss the leases is impractical, impulsive and ultimately prevents Wyoming from effectively managing the sage grouse and a vital part of our economy,” he said. “This decision only adds uncertainty to a process that already works. I plan to consider legal options to remedy this manner.”

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