Gov. Gordon signed a bill creating the Wyoming Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Trust Fund, which will strengthen Wyoming’s outdoor recreation economy and help fund recreation infrastructure projects

Casper, WY – According to the state officials, the Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Trust Fund was funded with $6 million.

Officials also said that additional work will take place in the interim to develop the structure for the fund and how funding will be awarded for potential projects.

The Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation currently facilitates seven outdoor recreation collaboratives around the state, each focused on defining grassroots opportunities for the growth and enhancement of outdoor recreation in their region.

The collaboratives include community members, recreation stakeholders, businesses, conservation groups, federal and state agencies, and elected officials.

The Governor also signed Senate File 94 – Federal Indian Child Welfare Act codification. 

The bill codifies the federal Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) as state law and specifies requirements and procedures for placing Native American children in shelter care or for adoption.

Governor Gordon noted that both Wyoming Tribes have emphasized the importance of ICWA to tribal children and tribal culture. 

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