Laramie Police Officer Hits Protester with Vehicle During Protest

A video has been circulating online that allegedly shows a Laramie police vehicle hitting a protester during a demonstration on Wednesday (September 23) in Laramie.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports that the video from the Laramie Human Rights Network shows an LPD officer directing the person out of the street along a path the took the person in front of the police car. As the person started to the curb, the car’s lights flashed and the car moved forward striking the officer and the person.

The Laramie Police Department said in a statement that while an arrest was taking place, “several demonstrators were crowding around a police vehicle.” As officers were attempting to clear a path for the car to leave, “another demonstrator entered the path of the vehicle and was struck.”

The LPD said that the protester “stated he was not injured” and declined medical care. The incident was investigated by The Wyoming Highway Patrolwhich is the Department’s procedure.

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