Here’s Ken Jennings’ response to hater unhappy that he is guest hosting Jeopardy

The much-loved long-time Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has passed away and the game show has announced that before settling on a permanent replacement, it will first be having a series of guest hosts. Ken Jennings will be the first of these. Most fans have received this news positively.

Jennings is a former contestant and has experience reading clues and is well-liked. But of course, there were some haters who took issue with the pick. Some people seem to feel he is too bland and one said that Jeopardy could have as well picked a loaf of bread.

Jennings, instead of getting offended, tweeted out a picture of this response and he and his fans made quite a few bread jokes. The original comment was quite funny and was tweeted in response to the announcement.

Jennings replied to is saying that he could not stop laughing. While celebrities on Twitter all deal with hate mail differently, either ignoring them or getting defensive, some like to pick up the occasional negative comment and joke along with them.

Jennings even made fun of himself and used self-deprecating humour involving Costco bread and Joni Mitchell in the comments section underneath.

While there are no long-term plans for Jeopardy yet, the show is determined to move on without Trebek and he was also very determined, before he died, that it should carry on after him. Recently, fans tried to push for LeVar Burton but at this point, it is not clear whether the show will bring back a former contestant or somebody associated with the show or a random celebrity or another game show host.

For long-time fans, they are hoping for a clever host who has some smart comments after wrong answers and quips at the ready. Alex Trebek was great at just the right amount of editorialising. In addition to this, the host needs to pace the episodes correctly, enunciate well, read the answers in a straightforward manner and banter with the guests during their personal anecdotes.

Alex Trebek will surely be missed but the show means so much to so many people and it is wonderful that it is going to continue. Let us hope that it can find the right host and keep going for future generations.

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