March COVID-19 cases still testing positive

Many positive cases that first tested positive and were reported back in early and mid-March are still testing positive for COVID-19 – over a month later, according to county health officials

“This means these patients still had the COVID-19 virus in their nose. Even though they may feel better and have met the criteria by the CDC and Wyoming Department of Health for being recovered, they could still potentially expose others through respiratory droplets like sneezing or coughing,” said spokesperson for the Natrona County Health Department Hailey Bloom.

Bloom says evidence has been found of “viral shedding,” or the exposure of the virus to others through someone ill, can take place days prior to getting symptoms and even days after feeling better.

“We have been monitoring all of our Natrona County confirmed positive cases and many of those have had to be retested for various reasons including returning to work in healthcare, living with a high risk family member, or living in a congregate setting,” Bloom explained.

Bloom advises residents to use of face coverings in public.

“A face covering can be made inexpensively from household items like an old tshirt, a bandana, or even a scarf. Face coverings should cover your mouth and nose and be worn in places like grocery stores, retail stores and pharmacies,” she said.

The Governor and State Health Officer issued continuations and modifications of several of three statewide public health orders.

Health official encourage everyone to take the following personal actions:

  • Follow current public health orders, which encourage limiting trips out, keeping social distance, wearing face coverings, and increased hygiene
  • Stay home when sick, seek testing for confirmation and avoid contact with other people as much as possible
  • Follow common-sense steps such as washing your hands often and well; covering your coughs and sneezes; and cleaning and disinfecting.

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