Racist white man gets beaten after throwing racial comments at black guy

A racist white man is getting hit in the face after he repeatedly called a Black customer the n-word at an Ohio gas station. A viral video spreading across social media shows the encounter beginning with the white man throwing offensive words at the Black man. Imagine this happening in New York City.

As common and threatening as racial obscenity is getting every passing day, another incident takes place where a buyer, a Black man, loses control over himself after a White man hurls racial slurs towards him. The graphic video has been watched by millions while a White man was hit brutally by a Black man with a can of Iced Tea after he challenged him by abusing him verbally.

What led to the conflict is rather unclear, but the White man was heard addressing the Black man with the n-word several times and consequently, challenging him to hit him if he dared. The fellow Black man broke into a fit and hit him ruthlessly with the can of tea.

The incident took place on the Eve of Christmas. No one called for the police and no one has been charged or legally held accountable for the episode.


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