The public health departments in Casper have received their first COVID-19 vaccine doses on Monday

According to the report, up to 5,000 doses will arrive in the state in the first week. The Wyoming Department of Health’s representative, Kim Deti said these will go to those people who have regular potential exposure to the virus. That includes hospital staff and emergency response personnel.

A second company’s vaccine looks like it may be approved at the end of this week. Deti said Moderna plans to ship the vaccine in packages of 100.

Deti also mentioned:

“So that gives us a little more flexibility for some of our counties that have lower populations. We’re trying to be fair across the board and equitable. It has a different storage requirement, so we’re just right making our plans based on getting the best usage out of what’s available. We don’t want anything to be wasted.”

Assuming there are no hiccups with the Moderna authorization, every county should have received the vaccine by next week. Once it’s received by those who have regular contact with the virus, it will be given to long-term care facility residents, as well as others who are at high risk.

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