This cat follows the dog no matter where he goes – The reason behind it will amaze you

We love sharing inspirational and heartwarming videos, but this one is truly awesome that you don’t get to see often. Meet Tervel, a blind and partially deaf dog, and Pudditat, an adopted stray cat. After Tervel became blind, he was stuck in his basket because he was afraid of getting hurt by moving around.

Then, everything started to change when Tervel’s owner adopted Pudditat. According to their owner, Pudditat is not very nice with other cats. But somehow, she was able to get along with Tervel.

Pudditat eventually became his eyes and guides him everywhere. It’s true that cats and dogs don’t get along most of the time, but the bond between Tervel and Pudditat is really special and heartwarming.

People should be this kind to each other!

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