This trick will prevent your feet from getting cold while wearing shoes – You’ll never walk around with cold feet again!

Once you know this trick, you’ll never walk around with cold feet again! It’s winter, and it’s getting colder and colder outside. These low temperatures can make your hands and feet feel like they are freezing. Something we would rather avoid, because cold feet are not pleasant, not pretty and not healthy.

It’s better to prevent those ‘frozen feet’. With this super-simple and low-cost tip you can warm your feet again in no time.

All you need for this easy trick is insulation material. For example, you can use a simple insulation blanket (available at the hardware store), a fire blanket, or any other insulation material of your choice. Then grab a pair of your favorite flat-soled shoes and place them on the insulation blanket.

Draw the shape of the shoes on the blanket or insulating material. Cut out these shapes and then insert them into your shoes underneath the inside sole. You will notice that this layer of insulation prevents the cold from penetrating your feet. The insulating layer also prevents the heat that has already been stored from escaping. The result? You’re feet will stay warm, even during a long winter walk!

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