University of Wyoming professor Monteith was named the 2022 Partner of the Year by the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust

Casper, WY – According to the state officials, professor Monteith has worked with the WWNRT on numerous projects in Wyoming in the past decade.

State officials also said that professor Monteith was singled out for excellence in applied research that allows the board to more effectively improve habitats and conditions for wildlife.

Board Chair Kim Floyd, Cheyenne, presented the award, noting that Monteith’s work on mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep and moose provided a roadmap to effective habitat improvements throughout the state.

WWNRT Director Bob Budd added that Monteith’s work has real world applications – through the understanding we can gain from his work on nutrition, disease, and all other aspects of animal behavior, we are able to more effectively leverage the assets of the state.

Budd and Floyd cited work in the Wyoming Range, Sweetwater County, the Wind River and Absaroka Mountains, and most recently, the Bighorn Basin and central Wyoming as examples of excellence.

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