Politician defends his 33-year-old son arrested for raping a 12-year-old child, blames her for having a “woman’s body”

A 12-year-old girl was put through the trauma of being raped, which is something that cannot be reversed for the rest of her life. Yet, the alleged rapist’s father claimed that it’s always “the man that paid the price” in these situations. Taking to Facebook to defend his son, he seemed to suggest that it was not his son’s fault because the child had a “woman’s body” in a now-viral post.

Ivan Roca, a right-wing politician in Chile, was slammed for pointing fingers at everybody else except his 33-year-old son, Jurgen Roca Aguayo, who was taken into custody after being accused of raping the child.

Roca said that the parents of young girls were to be blamed for men like his son being put behind bars. To avoid such “family suffering,” the bigoted man said parents of young girls “must control” their children and escort them around when they step out. If parents don’t do this, it was their irresponsibility and bad choices, said the member of the Chilean opposition party, the Independent Democratic Union party.

When the father of the alleged rapist saw that he was largely condemned for his outrageous statements, Roca said it was a “shame that it was always the man that paid the price.”

The despicable statements that the South American councillor made gained massive attention and prompted other leaders in the country to speak up.

“He has a public responsibility as an official and his statements are unacceptable,” responded ex-vice president of UDI, Isabel Pla Jarufe, to his former colleague’s statements. “He has attempted to make his 33-year old son a victim in a case where he raped a 12-year old girl.”

In a feeble attempt to clarify his regressive statements, the politician said his words were “taken out of context.” As he faced pressure from the public and from politicians, Roca tried to say that he did not mean parents should “control” their children. Instead, he claimed that he meant to say young girls should be “guided” by their parents.

As if he had not said enough, the politician continued painting his alleged rapist son as the victim while giving an interview. “It’s a shame what happened to my son,” Roca told Eldesconcierto.

With the investigation still underway, Roca had paid Jurgen a visit while the son remains in custody awaiting trial.

“I just visited him in jail and it was full of young men just like him, detained for being with minors without thinking of the consequences beforehand. This feels very wrong to me regardless of whether the minor appeared older or not.”

Showing zero remorse and making no apology for his vile statements, the politician once again tried to suggest that the parents of young girls were at fault. He questioned parents for allowing their daughters to meet older men and suggested they are responsible when their children “behave irresponsibly.”

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