The Wyoming Department of Health reported 43 new cases of COVID-19 in the state

Casper, WY – According to the statistics, that brought the total to 39,925 confirmed COVID cases in the state, since the pandemic began. Unfortunately, 25 additional COVID-19 related deaths have been confirmed as well (489 total COVID-19 related deaths since the pandemic began).

Wyoming has been adding an average of 203.7 new confirmed cases per day over the last seven days and saw a peak of 247 COVID-19 patients hospitalized with COVID across the state. The Wyoming Department of Health marks people as recovered once their isolation order date has expired.

And, one more thing, people who test positive are asked to remain in isolation until 10 days since their first symptoms or 10 days after their test was taken, or longer if they are still showing symptoms.

If people need to be isolated longer than their initial isolation period, they can contact the the Wyoming Department of Health who can extend their isolation order.

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