Visit Casper plans for rebound during winter season

Tourism is an important part of Casper’s local economy, and it has taken a hit during 2020.

Visit Casper Marketing Manager Amanda Scherlin said that Casper has been fortunate this year though. “We have a lot of what people have been looking for this year, so we have a lot of outdoor rec(reation), wide open spaces things to do that are really safe.”

She also said that Casper’s small population has benefitted them and made Casper a destination in 2020. She pointed out that people have been seeking out small towns and rural areas to visit this year.

The local economy has suffered due to setbacks in many industries from the COVID-19 pandemic, and local businesses have endured the brunt of it. As a result, Scherlin said that Visit Casper’s strategies have had to adapt.

“We’ve been really focused on being a resource for our locals and for our partners,” said Scherlin. “Really just making sure that we’re spreading the message of how you can travel safely and enjoy the things we have to offer here in Casper while social distancing and being really safe.”

Scherlin has anticipated a bounce back during the winter and spring, but she doesn’t expect things to return to 2019 levels. “People are looking for places that they can get outside and safely travel and be with their loved ones.”

The proximity to national parks and other outdoor sights also have Visit Casper optimistic about continued future travel. “People do stop and stay in Casper on their way to national parks, so we expect that to continue.”

Scherlin added that there are many outdoor activities to do in Casper during the winter and “a ton to do if you’re into outdoor sports.” She also mentioned that David Street Station, Casper’s museums, and downtown are great places to visit.

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