What do NJ and Wyoming have in common? COVID ‘knuckleheads’

Wyoming is America’s most Republican state. Its Republican governor is Mark Gordon. New Jersey, one of the most Democratic states, has Democratic Governor Phil Murphy. What could Wyoming and New Jersey have in common?


Last month while angrily addressing Wyoming’s pandemic case increases, Gordon borrowed from Murphy’s May 2020 warning that “knuckleheads” ignoring the advice of medical experts are responsible for the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

A November University of Wyoming poll found 60% of Wyoming residents approve of Gordon’s handling of COVID-19. An October Fairleigh Dickinson University survey found 72% of New Jerseyans approve of Murphy’s governance regarding COVID-19.

Businesses in both Wyoming and New Jersey have been crippled by the pandemic. Yet despite Murphy’s excellent approval, too many New Jersey “knucklehead” Republicans chastise Murphy. One Ocean County Republican freeholder called Murphy a “dictator.” Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine wrote in September, “COVID-19: The legal fight over Phil Murphy’s dictatorial orders is just beginning.”

Meanwhile, President Trump has called the pandemic a “Democratic hoax,” refuses to wear masks and holds “super-spreader events” exacerbating our suffering.

Since Trump will be out of a job soon, why not run Trump for governor against “dictator” Murphy in 2021?

The problem is Trump called Murphy “a good governor” who “is working very hard” and “is trying very hard.”

Conclusion: Republicans can’t honorably challenge a 72% approved “dictator” whom Trump boasts as “a good governor.”

Maybe Chris “Bridgegate” Christie can run again?

Thus, all I want for Christmas? Governor Murphy, help keep me alive.

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