Nordic ski teams await their first race

High school Nordic ski teams were supposed to open their season this weekend in Laramie but due to the weather and some COVID-19 precautions it has been postponed.

Nordic skiers now hope to open their season in Casper on Dec. 19. Due to COVID-19, a lot of the schools are working together to try and limit the races that require them to stay overnight. Another challenge so far this year is no snow on the mountains. The athletes have been doing a lot of dry land conditioning to prepare for the season.

“We do a lot of what is called hill bounding which is kind of a Nordic specific way to run up a hill that stimulates skiing a little bit, we have incorporated a lot of biomechanics drills, that are Nordic specific, using bands and just your body weight, so trying to stimulate the experience on snow as much as we can without actually being on snow,” said Kelly Walsh Nordic Ski Coach Cassidy Jerding.

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