New rule could allow gas, firing squads for US executions

The Justice Department is quietly amending its execution protocols, no longer requiring federal death sentences to be carried out by lethal injection and clearing the way…

Jacob Healy

The Wyoming Department of Health reported 123 new cases of COVID-19

Casper, WY - The 123 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed during their Tuesday, Jan. 19 update. According to the…

Jacob Healy

Here Are the Top 25 Christmas Songs of All Time, According to Spotify

The holiday season brings many enduring traditions, but one that's pretty much impossible to ignore is the (depending on how…

Jacob Healy

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Casper City Council votes against forgiving David Street Station debt

 The Casper City council voted against forgiving a $150,000 debt from David…

Casper Fire-EMS crews quickly extinguished a fire at a house in central Casper

Casper, WY - According to the officials, this unfortunate incident occurred on…

Pillow Face-Off: Beckham Luxury Linens vs. Casper

In your pillow search, two popular brands may pop up: Beckham Luxury…

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Farmers and ranchers in Wyoming can now apply for financial assistance through USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Wyoming’s agriculture industry has taken it on the chin like Ag industries throughout the United…

Jacob Healy

UW Education Ranked High By Wyoming Residents in Survey

Here's a frigid fact: four of the 10 coldest temperatures ever recorded in the continental…

Jacob Healy


The Wyoming Department of Transportation has released the results of a high visibility enforcement effort…

Jacob Healy

Local resident is facing felony charges after he allegedly bit off a hospital employee’s finger

Casper, WY - According to the police officials, his name is Andrew B. Barrett and he…

Jacob Healy

NLE Choppa Says Famous Dex’s Label Needs To Get Him Help

NLE Choppa expresses his concern for Famous Dex’s substance abuse issues. NLE Choppa Chakra has been spitting nothing…

Jacob Healy

Politician defends his 33-year-old son arrested for raping a 12-year-old child, blames her for having a “woman’s body”

A 12-year-old girl was put through the trauma of being raped, which is something that…

Jacob Healy